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Completed Projects: The Ritz Theatre, Ohio

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Completed Projects: The Ritz Theatre, Ohio

The Ritz Theatre is located in Tiffin, Ohio. The Ritz has an ornate Italian-style interior hosting a wide range of concerts, plays & events. The Ritz theatre was renovated in 1998 to almost its original condition. This so allows us to look back to a time when the theatres themselves often stole the show. The theatre was originally built in 1928, and was the fourth of the type build in Downtown Tiffin. The public fell in love with the theatre, and The Ritz was completed in only nine months. As soon as it was completed it was immediately dubbed ‘Tiffin’s quarter-million-dollar-move-palace’. When it opened over 1,500 patrons packed the theatre to listen to the Ritz quality orchestra and take a look at this stunning modern creation.


Ever since 1928, the theatre has seen crowds flood through their doors to enjoy fascinating displays. The theatre regularly boasts a full crowd and is now the only one of the four original downtown Tiffin theatres still open. Due to the huge popularity and large volumes of people flooding through The Ritz Theatres doors, it is important to maintain and preserve the theatre to enable it to remain in its original and beautiful form.


The Ritz Theatre reached out to us, and requested some kickplates to help protect their doors, when their crowds are entering and leaving the venue. After a discussion, we were able to fully understand The Ritz Theatre’s needs and we supplied them with PVD brass kick plates. All of our plates are made to meet our customers’ requirements, to ensure they fit perfectly.


PVD is a stainless-steel kick plate coated with titanium. Due to the stainless-steel core these kick plates are extremely strong and will not tarnish or age over time. These are traditional looking kick plates and add a prestige and timeless look. The elegance of PVD brass kick plates makes them the go-to choice for the most prestigious projects and suite the style of the theatre perfectly. The finish of the kickplate very low maintenance and is the best choice for interior and exterior use.

The key reason The Ritz theatre chose to go with PVD brass kick plates is because they are strong and can withstand the heavy foot traffic that the popular theatre receives on a daily basis. PVD brass kick plates are also affordable compared to other plates, which is important when multiple plates are required as they need fitting to numerous different doors around a venue. These plates are also easy to clean which is very important as sometimes the theatres hold numerous showings a day so regular cleaning is required. The brass can simply be wiped down using a soft non-abrasive cloth to remove any dirt or residue that has built up. For tougher dirt, a stainless-steel cleaner can also be sprayed and wiped off to give a more shiny and polished look.

If you are looking for a kick plate to be fitted around your venue or doors to protect them from people coming and going, get in touch with us today. All of our plates are made to your specific and unique requirements, to ensure protection and style is maintained.



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