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Completed projects: Mr & Mrs Grunwell – Maryland, USA

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Completed Projects: Mr & Mrs Grunwell – Maryland, USA


This was an extra special project that we recently completed. A lot of people’s lives have completely changed and been turned upside down as a result of COVID-19. The new guidance and distancing rules meant that a lot of people’s plan had to be put on hold, or changed completely. This was certainly the case for Mr and Mrs Grunwell.

They were supposed to be getting married a few weeks ago, but due to the current situation they were forced to cancel their wedding venue and completely change their big day. However, they were not going to let this spoil their big day and they were determined the wedding would still go ahead.

Mr Grunwell contacted us as their started renovating their home, in preparation for saying their views on their front porch. He communicated his story to me and we instantly set about helping him. He requested some kick plates that would help transform the look of his porch and make it a more aesthetically pleasing location for their special day.

After a couple of conversations, he decided to go with plain copper kick plates. Plain copper is a f
ashionably raw copper sheet, suitable for several applications due to its natural antibacterial properties. Over time the material will develop a natural blue/green aged patina; this can, however, be stopped by using a specialist copper metal polish such as "Brasso."

When fitted the plain copper provides a beautiful decoration and as displayed in the images was used on their stairs up to the porch. The beautiful shine and colour added stunning visuals, providing them an excellent back up location, which ensured they could still say their vows and have their special day.

The photos they sent across to us are absolutely gorgeous. We are very glad we could help them decorate, and are so thrilled that despite everything they still managed to get married are have their special day.

We would like to wish a huge congratulation to
Mr & Mrs Grunwell!

If you are looking for some kick plates to act as either protection or decoration, then get in touch with our excellent team today.


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