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PVD vs. Polished Brass Kick Plates – which is best?

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PVD vs. Polished Brass Kick Plates – which is best?

When you are choosing your next selection of kick plates, you have many different materials and finishes to choose from. Your decision might well boil down to PVD vs. polished brass – which one is best for your needs?

What is PVD?

PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) is colored and coated stainless steel that is often used to create different sculptures, architecture, phones, and interior and exterior design. PVD allows you to choose any color in the rainbow for your kick plates. The result is a weather-resistant and durable finish that will last the life of the kick plate in style.

What is the difference in finish between PVD and polished brass?

While polished brass is often considered the more luxurious option, PVD kick plates can almost identically mimic the appearance of polished brass. That said, it does have a slightly deeper gold appearance.

Performance and Strength

In terms of longevity, PVD will last longer than polished brass because it has a steel core and a titanium face. Brass is a robust and sturdy material, but it will not stand up to weather as well as PVD, and it does tarnish with time. You will need to polish your brass kick plates if you want them to look their best.

Comparing Value between PVD and Polished Brass

Many of our clients find that PVD kick plates represent a better value for their needs. Not only is it cheaper to purchase in the first place, but it also lasts longer. Brass can cost a lot more, and you need a thicker layer of brass to achieve PVD’s strength. Ultimately, they are both excellent kick plate materials well-suited to diverse needs. Which is best for you?



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