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Using kick plates as toe kicks in your kitchen

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Using kick plates as toe kicks in your kitchen


When it comes time to renovate or build your kitchen, you have many different decisions to make—cabinets, flooring, and tilework – and of course, choosing the right kick plates.


While you have likely seen kick plates used in doorways, we also love how they look and function as toe kicks beneath counters. We have also had great success using them as splashbacks where the counters meet the wall to protect the paint on your walls.


Whether you are using them in a traditional way or as toe kicks or splashbacks, there are many things to consider when selecting kick plates for a kitchen. First, you need to consider your overall décor and design scheme. A burnished copper sink and overhead fan call for copper kick plates, and aged brass is another classic color scheme.


Sleek polished chrome appliances will look great with polished stainless steel kick plates, while satin stainless steel looks excellent with satin chrome kitchen appliances. If you want a more affordable option with the same great look, consider PVD coated brass kick plates. PVD can mimic the style of polished brass but with higher strength, and is a cheaper and lower maintenance alternative.


It would be best if you also considered the volume of traffic in your home. If you have a big, bustling family, you will want something hard-wearing and sturdy. Stainless steel and aluminum are great options for a busy household, as they are durable and long-lasting materials that will look their best for years to come.


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