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What Size Kick Plate Do I Need?

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What Size Kick Plate Do I Need?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is what size should they order for their kick plate. While much of the sizing can be down to personal preference, there are some rules to follow.

What width Kick Plate do I need?

To measure the width of a kick plate. Take a tape measure and measure the width of your door. You should take that measurement and subtract 2" to get your kick plates width. Removing the 2" is to allow for any door jam or weatherstrip and leave a nice border around your kick plate once fitted.

So, if you have a 36" door, you need 34" kick plate. If your door is 34", you need a 32" Kick Plate.

What height Kick Plate do I need?

When deciding what height your kicking plate should be, it can mostly be down to a personal preference of what you think will look good.

To help you make this decision, you can ask yourself what the purpose of this kick plate is?

Mop Plate
Small kicking plates are commonly referred to as a mop plate. They're typically 4" in height and often fitted to the rear of the door. The purpose of Mop plates is to protect the door from cleaning chemicals and mop marks as well as offering some protection against toe kicks.

Kick Plate
Kick Plates are traditionally 6" or 8" in height. But as mentioned before, this can be down to personal preference. For a standard-sized door, a 6" Kick Plate will suffice, but if you have a larger sized door, you should consider something taller like an 8" Kick Plate.

Whichever height of kick plate you settle on, it will offerer a good amount of protection from kicks, scuffs, and scratches.

Armor Plate
Door protection plates that range from 36" and 42" are known as Armour plates. Armor plates are routinely used when the highest protection to the door is crucial. Due to this, armor plates are often half door height and sometimes cover the whole door face.

Armor plates are a common choice to protect the door from dog scratches, wheelchair damage, damage from trucks/carts.

Final Considerations
One final thing to consider when measuring the height of your kick plate is door detailing and door paneling. If your door has paneling or detailing, You will need to make sure that the plate will not overlap. Finally, be sure to leave the room at the bottom of the door as a border.



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