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What is a Kick plate?

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What is a Kick plate?

A kick plate is a metal or plastic plate that is fitted to your door to add protection. It is designed to prevent your door from becoming damaged over time. A kick plate allows you to open the door using your feet without adding scuffs or marking to the surface of the door.

Kick Plates are useful when people may be coming through with their hands full, and for convenience need to kick the door open. They are often valuable to prevent pets from scratching at the door.

Kick plates come in a range of different sizes, and a variety of materials to ensure adequate protect your door, but also complement existing door fitting and add that elegant finishing touch to your decor.

Why do you need one?

The main reason is that people want to protect their doors. Kick plates are often found inside buildings such as restaurants and commercial warehouses where staff may be carrying several items and need to kick or push open a door or where door sare opened from the impact of a truck. A kick plate allows for this to be done while ensuring the door isn't damaged in any way. However, kick plates are becoming more and more popular in people's homes. This is because a kick plate can add increased style to your door whilst increasing protection and function.

Adding a kick plate to your front door means you won't have to worry about damage caused as you bring in your groceries, or try and get the stroller in. It can be a real pain to open the door with your hands full, and a kick plate gives you a more efficient alternative while ensuring that your door still looks new.

Which one is the most suitable?

We have a large range of kick plates, with lots of different styles, each one specific for different door materials and fitting locations. When choosing which kick plate is the best choice for you, it is vital to consider the section of the door you are looking to protect. The range of plates includes; mop plates, kick plates, stretcher plates, armor plates, and push plates. Each different type of plate fits on to your door differently and protects a different area.

What is the difference between the different kick plates?

Mop Plates

Mop plates are different from the traditional kick plates as they are mostly installed on the pull- side of the door. The reason for mop plates is to protect the opposing side of the door from any smaller bumps that may occur. These include damage from items such as mops and vacuum cleaners. As the pull side of the door is less likely to be kicked or pushed to open, the mop plates are typically smaller and measure around 4" tall.

Kick Plates
Kick plates are placed on the push side of the door and are used where a door may be pushed or kicked open. Kick plates come in a variety of heights from 6" tall to 12" high, to ensure that the majority of the bottom half of the door is protected. The most commonly used kick plate heights are 6" & 8."

Stretcher Plate
Stretcher plates can be applied to either side of the door, both the push and pull. Unlike kick plates and mob plates, stretcher plates are fitted to protect the middle part of the door. The name stretcher plates, comes from their use in hospitals, as they are used to preserve the middle section of the door whereby a stretcher or hospital bed may crash into it.

Armor Plates
Similar to kick plates, armor plates are usually fitted onto the push-side of the door. They are designed to protect a door from wheelchair impact or where a cart or trolley may be pushed through to open the door. Armour Plates usually range from sizes 12" tall and 42" high. Armor plates can often be half the height of the door, but can also be used as a complete door cover running the full height of the door.

Push Plate
Push plates are also commonly referred to as finger plates. They are used by the hand to push the door open. Push plates come in a variety of sizes to suit your every need. they can also be engraved or screen printed with wording such as 'PUSH.'

If you are considering purchasing a kick plate to protect your door, it is essential to think about which section of the door you are looking to install. This is because depending on your requirements, the type of plate you need will vary. It is also worth considering the level of protection and style you are looking for as kick plates are available in a range of materials.

If you need any help selecting which specification of a kick plate is correct for your needs, please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly and helpful staff. You can contact us by phone, email or our websites live chat feature.



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