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Which Corner Options Are Available For Kick Plates?

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Which Corner Options Are Available For Kick Plates?

We currently have two standard options for our kick plate corners. These are square corners and radius corners. Square is set as our standard corner option as its the most commonly specified. We do, however, believe there are many benefits to choosing the radius corner option:

Why might a radius corner be the better option?

With only a small additional manufacturing process and a little extra cost, we believe a radius corner offers excellent benefits. A radius corner is also known as a safety edge. Safety edges are commonly used in hospitals, schools, care homes, and Any location where the risk of cuts caused by the material must be kept to an absolute minimum. This is especially true when the sheet is being used as a finger plate and will come into regular contact with bare hands.

The smooth round corner is also used where the door protection plate is installed to protect the door from dog scratches. The smooth edge will reduce the risk of a paw getting caught when scratching on the door. One final advantage of the radius corner kick plate is pleasing aesthetics. The round corner looks very lovely once installed, and matches round pull handles beautifully.

If you require any further information or would like any help in selecting which corner option you should use for your particular circumstance, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and helpful sales team by phone, email, or by our websites live chat.





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