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Which kick plates are the cheapest?

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Which kick plates are the cheapest?

Our clients always want to know our opinions about which kick plates are the cheapest. We always offer aluminum as the best choice for our customers on a budget, but there is plenty of other good value and high performing options available.

Aluminum is strong and durable, and it looks great for many years. We have also had a lot of success with colored plastic kick plates, which look good and are very hard-wearing. Here are some of our favorite swaps for cheaper alternatives to more expensive kick plate finishes.

• Polished Brass – If you are attracted to the look and finish of polished brass kick plates, consider swapping to brass aluminum.
• Satin Stainless Steel – If the soft finish of satin stainless steel matches your décor but not your budget, choose satin nickel aluminum instead.
• Polished Stainless Steel – An excellent swap for polished stainless steel kick plates? Consider polished anodized aluminum, which looks fantastic.
• Bronze – Bronze kick plates can be quite expensive, so make the switch to bronze aluminum instead.
• Copper- Like the look of copper kick plates? We can replicate it with copper powder coated stainless steel.



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