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Why Brass Kick Plates?

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Why Brass Kick Plates?

Brass has been such a popular material over the years as it is traditional and offers a seemingly timeless style. The elegance of a finely polished brass kick plate is often the go-to choice for the most prestigious projects.
Brass kick plates come in a wide range of finishes, so we will almost certainly have a finish to match your needs.

Our polished brass kick plates are carefully crafted from a solid brass sheet and will develop a beautiful natural patina over time.
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We also offer a range of artificially aged and antiqued brass kick plates for when you want that historic style right now. These are hand-finished products with a protective wax applied to preserve the finish. These are great for historical properties as they often match more period fittings

Different Types Of Brass Finishes

Brass Kicking plates come in a wide range of finishes, so we will almost certainly have a finish to match your needs.

Polished Brass (Lifetime PVD)

PVD stands for 'physical vapor deposition'; it is a stainless steel kick plate titanium coated to mimic the appearance of a polished brass kickplate closely. As it is stainless steel cored, it will provide superior strength to traditional solid Brass. It will not tarnish or age over time as a solid brass kick plate will. As PVD requires a lower level of maintenance compared to polished Brass, it the perfect choice for interior and exterior use. We consider this high tech finish to be the best option of brass kickplate we offer. As a final benefit, the price of a PVD brass kick plate is lower than that of a solid brass kick plate.

Polished Brass

Our polished brass kick plates are a solid brass plate with a radiant surface polished to perfection. This material is NOT lacquered, which will allow the aging process to develop a natural blue patina over time. However, you can prevent this with regular cleaning using a specialist brass polish such as Brasso.

Satin Brushed Brass

Satin brushed Brass is a solid brass sheet with a warm brushed sateen finish.

Brass Aluminum

Brass Aluminum had matt gold finish, which is similar to Brass and PVD brass, but at a lower price point. As it is aluminum, it is low maintenance and can be used inside and outside.

Aged Brass

A solid brass sheet polished then hand burnished to give the effect of a vintage brass product and finished off with a beeswax finish to seal in the aged finish.

Antique Brass

A hand-finished mellowed brass patina is featuring golden undertones that look elegantly aged. It also features a beeswax coating to preserve the finish.

Caring for Brass

Routinely wipe the kick plates down with warm soapy water and a soft cloth. You must avoid cleaning the kick plate with abrasive sponges as they can scratch the kickplate face. A good quality domestic glass cleaner can also be used to restore shine to the kicking plate.

If the material shows signs of tarnishing or discoloring, you can use a specialist metal polish such as Brasso to restore the finish to its previous glory, but this should not be used on the aged and antique kick plates as it will remove the finish.

However, if you do want the Brass to obtain a naturally aged patina, you can leave nature to take its course.
If you need any more information regarding our Brass kick plates, please don't hesitate to speak to our friendly staff.





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